My prenatal massages by Heather helped to eliminate my sore back and hips. The massage helped to decrease my stress level which I felt helped my pre-term labor contractions. Massage by Heather are comprehensive and complete. I always felt comfortable, even as my body got bigger and bigger. -- Jessica R.

First of all, Heather is just an all-around fabulous person and a gifted massage therapist. I just finished her 8 week restorative exercise series and I loved it. Every movement we did targeted an area of my body that is either totally overused or neglected and it felt so good. I highly, highly, highly recommend any of her classes
— Sonja S.

Heather Josten Truly cares and her clients and about helping people -- Carol

I’ve been going to see heather for massage forever and consider her one of my “health care professionals” because I’m always learning from her about whole body wellness. I’ve been taking her restorative exercise classes and am excited to continue learning ways to move my body to promote health, balance, alignment and strength. In just a few short classes I’m already incorporating small changes in the way I sit at my desk and movement throughout the day. I’m already seeing a reduction in pain that I’ve been experiencing for several months. Don’t ignore your body! It does so much for you! With Heather’s help I am making changes that I know will have life long benefits
— Kymley F.

Heather Josten has the unique way of making people feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. Heather makes you feel special; listens to you and then caters to your massage needs. -- Allyson R. I have loved my massages. I really credit my easy and healthy pregnancy and labor to them. I look forward to many more massages in the future and have passed Heather's name on to multiple people! -- Amy R.

Best therapuetic, prenatal, and postpartum massages ever. I’ve tried numerous places across the Denver Metro Area, and none have come close to how wonderful this place is. Worth every penny, every time. Heather is professional, talented, well-trained, a good listener to what I need each time, and I always feel comfortable with her. I wish I could see her every week.
— Emily R.

"I started receiving massage therapy after being involved in a serious car accident in 1992. Since then I have used MANY different therapists and am most impressed with Heather. I was referred to Heather by another health care provider and am so thankful. She is very professional and very talented. What I most appreciate is her sincere inquiry into my specific problems on a given day. She listens and addresses my ailments. I have referred friends and family to Heather for treatment and would encourage anyone who has to deal with day to day stress to take some time for themselves and enjoy a massage." -- Jill H.

It is not just about great massages, Heather creates an entire experience; the temperature, the music, the aroma, the pressure all exactly ho I like it!
— Becky M.