Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have a table with the hole in it? 


Do you know the safest position for mama and baby to lay while receiving a massage ? It is actually side lying on both sides and semi reclined or lazyboy position. Some say that one side is better then the other but really if you are having a healthy pregnancy there is no need to always sleep on your left side. Save your hips and shoulders and mix it up.

Did you know that those pillows or tables with the hole in them so you can lay face down during your pregnancy are not the best position for mama or baby. The weight of baby pulling on the uterine ligament in the low back can cause more pain for mama in the long  run. It also causes inter-uterine pressure for baby. The therapists who do this type of massage may not have had any prenatal massage training either. They can just do a normal massage as if you weren't even pregnant. Would you rather receive a prenatal massage from someone who has  had training to do so. 

When can I receive prenatal massage?

I have a Prenatal, Labor and Postpartum Massage Certification from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. This means I have had 125 hours of training. I know what areas to avoid during all stages of your pregnancy. I can even massage you during labor. So no there is no time during your pregnancy that you can't receive a massage from me. I even encourage mams to book a massage very close to their due date. If you don't have your baby on your due date it is nice to have the time to relax and get your muscles worked out right before giving birth.  I don't charge a cancellation fee if you are in labor. <3

When can I receive Postpartum Massage 

Postpartum massage is a necessity. Child birth is like running a marathon. And who wouldn't want a massage after running a marathon? Every muscle in her body can be sore, even is she had a planned cesarean. This massage can decrease the time it takes to heal after any kind of birth.   And not to mention the new load of carrying baby in arms all the time now. Her upper body and arms need to be massaged. 

I've had mamas come in 4 days postpartum or 3 week. I think the most important thing is to just book it. Make it happen. If you have family coming in to town to help you with baby, book a postpartum massage. And if you don't have any family bring the baby with you. Many times I've had mamas nurse the baby in the waiting room and then by the time the massage starts the baby is  fast asleep. And some times that doesn't work, but we can figure it out. Mama can snuggle with baby while receiving the massage. Everyone is happy.

Please take care of yourself postpartum. It can be a very demanding time and you need to make yourself a priority!!