Heather Josten LMT



Hello! I am Heather Josten. I started college as a dance major, but after a painful back injury I found massage therapy for my own healing. Soon after realizing my dance career was over I decided to study and massage therapy. In 1998 I received an Associate's Degree from the New York College of Wholistic Health Education in Syossett.

In 2001 I ventured out on my own and started Mani Celesti Therapeutic Massage, with a focus on working with pre-natal and post-partum mamas.  Always knowing I wanted this to be my specialty, I completed my Certification in Prenatal, Labor Support and Postpartum Massage at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2005.  Soon after, I discovered The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy by Rosita Arvigo and studied directly with Rosita on several occasions in Belize and in the states, including an advanced training course focused on how to help pregnant women with the Maya Abdominal Techniques.  In 2007 I became certified in Maya Abdominal Therapy and certified as an Infant Massage Instructor, furthering my specialty in helping postpartum mamas and their new babies.   

In 2011 I discovered Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement ™ and quickly became passionate about the practices and how it could help me and my clients move more and heal their own aches and pains. After two years of studying the techniques I became certified as Nutritious Movement ™ certified Restorative Exercise Specialist. in 2018. In an effort to merge both massage and restorative exercise under one business, I changed my business name to Abundant Balance.

After many years of my own fertility struggles I feel truly blessed to have a daughter of my own with my wonderful, patient husband, Trent. I have experienced the aches and pains of pregnancy and all the emotions involved with the postpartum time. I have also learned how to heal my own body naturally and I am thrilled to take what I have learned and share it with my clients. Through massage and restorative exercise, I look forward to helping you achieve abundant balance at any stage in your life.