Therapeutic and Hot Stone Massage

Increases relaxation, reduces pain and benefits the immune system using the combination of light and deep pressure plus broad and specific strokes to promote circulation. 

Therapeutic Massage Can Relieve:

Heather has the unique way of making you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. She makes you feel special; listens to you and caters to your massage needs.
— Allyson Rhodes
  • headaches

  • back pain

  • sinus pain

  • TMJ pain

  • neck and shoulder pain

  • foot pain


Therapeutic Massage Rates:

 60 minutes $75        90 minutes $105

Series of five 60 minute Therapeutic Massages  - $338

Series of five 90 minute Therapeutic Massages - $473


Do you have tights hips? Does your low back hurt?  This is my favorite self care tool I recommend to my clients. You will thank me for it!!  If you need help figuring out how to use it let me know

Hot Stone Therapy

The application of heated basalt rocks allows the body and min to enter into deep relaxation. The stones melt away all stress and muscle tension. They are placed in areas on the body and used to massage. 


Hot Stone Therapy Rates:

60 minutes $85   90 minutes $120


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