Postpartum Massage

The massages I received from Heather helped my back aches I had during pregnancy and postpartum
— Jules

Postpartum massage accelerates the healing process, soothes sore muscles strained during birth, and makes her feel refreshed even with the lack of sleep. Postpartum massage can help encourage the new mother’s body to come back to its pre-pregnancy posture. Relieve fatigue in muscles that are over worked from feeding and caring for a newborn baby. This is a very special time for a woman who is going through many physical, emotional and lifestyle changes from pregnancy to motherhood. This massage can be a great support for her during this time.

A postpartum massage helps realign the body to prepare for the coming challenges and joys of mothering.  Birthing, posture changes, breastfeeding, and carrying a baby may cause shoulder, hip, and back strain: massage can relieve this. 

Postpartum massage is just as important then prenatal massage. Mother’s spend so much time and energy caring for their infant. During this time it is important for Moms to feel supported by their loved ones in their life. Being able to take a break and completely feel like they are the one that is being taken care of.


Postpartum Massage Rates:

Alignment Snack $5

  60 minutes $85     90 minutes $115

Series of five 60 minute Postpartum Massages  -  $382 

Series of five 90 min Postpartum Massages - $517


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